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Work Related Driver Training and Fleet Risk Assessments - Vans and Cars

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Welcome to Tiered Training

Tiered Training Ltd delivering company fleet driver training for car and van drivers throughout the UK

Our fleet driver training is designed to assist business managers and HR officers to correctly manage both your organisation’s and employee’s Occupational Road Risk, in conjunction with Health & Safety legislation and Road Traffic law, thus reducing costs to both the business and individual.

Company fleet training for car and van drivers throughout the UKOur trainers are all experienced Department for Transport, Approved Driving Instructors and highly skilled Advanced Drivers and Advanced Driving Examiners, regulated by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Fleet driver training can be delivered over either, a half-day or a full-day and tailored to meet your needs.

We deliver practical on-road driver assessments and training, as we believe you need to know how your drivers perform behind the wheel, not sitting in front of a computer screen guessing the answers to a few 'multi choice' questions. 

For those requiring bespoke training we also provide in-class seminars. 

We ensure your employees are correctly trained to drive the vehicle they drive at work in a safe manner, which will help both you and your employee to reduce costs through the delivery of company fleet driver training for car and van drivers throughout the UK.

Corporate Responsibility

Tiered Training believes that it must do two things.

  1. Be responsible with how we operate our business, in view of our reduction to climate change.
  2. Give something back to the community by helping charities with our expertise.

It is also our responsibility, as a driver training organisation, to ensure that we make minimal impact on the environment. To this end, we ensure that our training vehicles are serviced at the correct intervals and to the highest levels, and that all waste, spent oils and fluids are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, using professional organisations with proper disposal facilities.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that a company must do what is reasonably practicable to ensure a safe work environment. It is our responsibility, as an Occupational Safety Driver Training organisation, to help you establish what is ‘reasonably practicable’. Although health and safety is important, and accept you must meet legal requirements, you don’t have to be overburdened when implementing it; nor will we try to over-sell to you.

We will advise you and help you to carry out what is necessary. Investing in the safety of your staff reduces cost to the running of the business, and in many organisations, that we have had the pleasure of working with, it has improved efficiencies, morale and productivity.

We can, upon request, provide prospective clients with the contact details of previous clients, who would be happy to let you know how we helped their organisation.

Employer Responsibility

As an organisation, you have a duty of care to ensure that you supply and maintain a safe working environment. This is not just restricted to the four walls and the car park, it includes any area that is an extension to the work place, such as warehouses and stores and includes any vehicle being used for the purpose of the business.

The responsibility you have is outlined in the Health and Safety Executive Guidance (INDG 382) Driving at work - managing work-related road safety identifies work related road risk and prompts the question as to whether your organisation has all the necessary processes in place.

At this point, you may not indeed be aware of the severity of the Law, but you must consider the severe penalties under the Health and Safety Offences Act 2008 and this could be your nemesis if you do not have everything in place. Of course, we can guide you on that.


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