Who are we?

Tiered Training Ltd

We deliver fleet driver training to company car drivers as well as van drivers throughout the UK.


Why we provide the training?

Every business needs to satisfy or maintain their duty of care to their staff by training them to use the equipment they use for work. Drivers and their vehicles are no different. Our job is to provide drivers with the correct information and practices which will keep them, and other road users, safe during the driving task. It will also help protect business managers by meeting the required Health & Safety and other legislation.


How will you benefit?

We deliver both classroom based sessions and on road driver assessments and training in cars, vans and light lorries (up to 7.5 tonnes)


What benefits will your organisation get?

These can be broken down into three categories:

  • Safety – for staff and other road users;
  • Reduction in costs – vehicle damage / vehicle maintenance / running costs;
  • Staff retention – by investing in your staff they feel valued and will not only learn to drive more safely but are more likely to stay with the company for a longer period.


Why should you use us?

Our fleet driver training courses are accredited with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office, London and are used by all types of businesses who wish to have their drivers assessed and or correctly trained to ensure they can safely perform their jobs.


Our trainers are all DVSA Approved Driving Instructors and qualified Diamond Advanced Motorists examiners and trainers.


Have a look what our previous clients have to say about us in the Testimonials…

Our Services

Driver Development

Company car drivers and van drivers are crucial elements in business. Tiered Training provide a CPD accredited Driver Development Training programme consisting of four modules which have been designed to improve the knowledge and skills of company fleet drivers.

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Internal Driver Assessor

This five-day Internal Driver Assessor training is divided into two sections and designed for any company that employs drivers either at one site, or spread over the UK. The objective of the course is three-fold:

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Driver Assessments

We at Tiered Training provide practical on-road driver assessments and training, as we believe a driver needs to drive the vehicle they drive for work during the assessment, not sitting in front of a computer screen guessing the answers to multi choice questions.

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Taxi Tests

Taxi Drivers are required to drive at an advanced standard on their Taxi Driver Test – much higher than the “L” Test.

We often find drivers’ who take the Taxi Driver Test, will generally fail their first attempt because their own driving attitude, behaviour, knowledge and skills are not at the standard required by the Local Authority, thus wasting their money and time.

Tiered Training deliver Taxi Driver training to help drivers attain the required and higher standard of driving, before they sit their Taxi Driver Test.

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Advanced Driving

All of our Advanced Driver trainers are highly experienced Department for Transport Approved Driving Instructors. They are professionally qualified and are all regulated by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

They are also Diamond Advanced Motorists, Advanced Driver Examiners and Trainers.

They are skilled at developing drivers across the spectrum, with particular focus on individual development needs.

Tiered Training can prepare you to successfully pass either of the following two advanced tests.

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What we do

CitiDogs Internal Assessor Course

Tiered Training CitidogsWe are pleased to congratulate Steph and Sean from CitiDogs, Edinburgh on passing their Internal Assessor Course which included the Diamond Advanced Motorists Advanced Driving Test. Congratulations Thanks also to Jim Milton for conducting the two Diamond advanced tests.

Stelrad Van Training

fleet van driver trainingTraining a van driver forms part of the overall occupational health and safety requirements regarding work related road safety.

Fleet van driver training is crucial to all fleet drivers using this type of vehicle for their job. 

Well done to Silva and Sahil from Stelrad Radiators, Yorkshire on successfully passing this CPD accredited training. 

Contact us for information on how Tiered Training can help your company manage occupational road risk and reduce business costs.

Van Driver Training Pilot Programme

Chep FareShare Van Driver Training Pilot ProgrammeWe are pleased to say that Alex Graham and John Cupit both passed their Diamond Advanced Motorists, Advanced Driving tests in a van, as part of the pilot programme between Chep and FareShare Liverpool. Congratulations.

FareShare Internal Assessor Course

Well done to the staff at FareShare, London and Birmingham having passed their Internal Assessor Course which includes the Diamond Advanced Motorists Advanced Driving Test.

Hazard and Speed Awareness Training

Hazard and Speed Awareness Cse Signs & SafetyAnother Hazard and Speed Awareness training completed. Congratulations to the guys at Signs & Safety, Redhill, Surrey

Thames Water Van Training

Fleet driver training Thames WaterCongratulations to the staff at Thames Water on successfully passing their van driver training.

real people – real progress

At Citidogs we are focused on ensuring we have policies and procedures in place to deliver a high degree of professional safety standards for both our staff, the 500 clients who trust us to look after their much loved dogs and the general public.

The challenge I had was the company fleet had grown quickly to 8 large vans with 12 drivers, and it became apparent to me that this area of the business needed to be audited for safety and security for both vehicles and manpower. In addition there was apparent carelessness of vehicle handing and management resulting in tens of thousands of pounds annually in repairs and replacement.

Not knowing where to start, the task felt daunting! I found Tiered Training through a hopeful search on Google and after the very first email interaction with Carey I knew straight away that Tiered Training was the company I could trust to help me achieve the Citidogs goals.

After discussing our needs, an agreed personalised programme was put in place to assess all current drivers, a policy to ensure continued vehicle safety and management, and even more importantly a plan on how to maintain the agreed programme into the future.

We now have a fully trained Internal Assessment Team to continue the programme. The personalised training and advice given by Howard in the classroom and on the road was of an exceptionally high standard and I feel confident that we have met and continue to meet what is required of the company by all legal and professional standards bodies, not something I could have achieved alone. Not only are our current staff assessed regularly, but also recruiting now has conditions to ensure we are recruiting first time, right time.

I do not believe any company who employs a number of vehicles with drivers can afford not to take investment in this area of their business seriously for the protection of their staff, clients and themselves against the unknown and often unpredicted.

I do believe that if any company needs the right advice, the right programme and a professionally high standard of delivery then Tiered Training are absolutely the right team to get you there.

Citidogs, Edinburgh

Stelrad, South Yorkshire sent us this compliment:
“I have worked with Tiered Training for two years and they are a pleasure to work with as they are extremely reliable, well organised and professional in everything they do.
They are always responsive to ad hoc requests and their approach is at all times courteous and friendly.
Howard has trained fifteen of our new Brand Specialists in van driving and he demonstrates such passion for the training and his knowledge is second to none.
I would confidently recommend their services to any company.”
Lisa Chambers, HR Manager, Stelrad UK Ltd

fleet van driver training
Stelrad, South Yorkshire

FareShare, London, a National Charity sent us this compliment.
“Thx for training all our volunteer drivers and staff. You have exceeded our expectations.”

See the video below (turn your sound up)


FareShare Internal Assessor Course
FareShare, London

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